Sandy Bay Swimming Club is one of the oldest Swimming clubs in Australia established in 1898.


The Sandy Bay Swimming Club (SBSC) Inc. caters for swimmers from junior level all the way to national level swimmers.


Our Head Coach, Amanda Punch is currently part of the National Flippers Coaching team which gives us access to resources at the national Swimming Australia Level.


The SBSC is a very family friendly orientated club where we have an inclusive and supportive  environment for all swimmers of all abilities to help them reach their swimming goals.


Competitive Swimming is a hugely rewarding sport and forms a natural extension of swimming sessions for young and developing swimmers.  It requires discipline, motivation and is challenging as both an individual and a team sport.  


We expect a certain code of behaviour from swimmers within the squad:


· Punctuality

· Commitment to the training program                                                        

· Respect for Coaching Staff and Fellow Athletes at all times                         

· Celebration of team members achievements



The Sandy Bay Swimming Club has formed an association with the YMCA of Hobart as our coaching partner.


Sandy Bay Swimming Club swimmers join the YMCA and pay YMCA coaching fees.



The Sandy Bay Swimming Club is a not for profit organisation